Artist Statement - Okie Dokie

Driving the highways and byways of Southwest Oklahoma, you won't see "Scenic Turnout Ahead" signs. What you will see is a landscape where nature and man co-exist in a Genesis type symbiotic relationship. It's not the sort of landscape that attracts tourists. I've called this home my entire life and I think it's beautiful.

I use an imaging technique referred to today as high dynamic range (HDR). I use prime lenses almost exclusively. I do keep a 70-200mm in my bag for that uncommon situation when a wide angle lens won't work. Very little, if any, cropping is done during post-processing. My practice is to compose and capture the scene in camera and in the field.

The final image is achieved in post-processing using a collection of several standalone pieces of software tried, tested, and proven over the years to produce the image I desire.


Carl Ray Evans

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